"Andrea is an extremely creative, detail-oriented, and talented designer. She thrives in both self-directed and team situations, and she's able to think both strategically and execute tactically. I've found that combination to be rare in designers, and it makes her a tremendous asset at a time when print and digital design are colliding."
– Jeffrey K. Rohrs, Chief Marketing Officer, Yext

“Her amazing design abilities and keen eye for up-and-coming trends are only matched by her great project and task management.”
– Holly Rushton, Manager, Salesforce Industries

"More than just a graphic designer, she brings a unique blend of skills to the table — she is simultaneously creative and process-oriented, efficient, innovative, and unfailingly positive. No matter how much I ask of her, she always manages to deliver more than expected." 
– Jennifer Ribble, Senior Manager, Content Marketing & PR, Return Path

”Andrea demonstrates not only exemplary design skills, but also a sharp understanding of the content creation process.”
– Lindsay Siovaila, Lead Solutions Developer, Solutions Engineering R+D, Salesforce